New mail address

Since 1995, I used to have a domain to myself (pluto.camelot.de) and received all mails targetet at (anything)@pluto.camelot.de. Back in those days, spam was not a problem, and I used the address freely in public places. This was all nice and well, until the spammers popped up.

The statistics of my spam filter POPFile look like this, counting since 2003:

  • Messages classified: 345,768
  • Spam: 333,997 (96.59%)
  • Non spam: 11,717 (3.38%)
  • Unclassified: 54 (0.01%)
  • Classification errors: 292 (103 false spams which were really ham)

So, that's roughly 110.000 spam mails per year, 10.000 per month, 300 per day. The spam filter does a beautiful job with it, so I don't notice the amount of mail at all.

But enough is enough. I'm switching to new mail addresses (some more private, some rather public, other ones for forums etc.). If you don't kow any more private address from me, then use web@ekr-home.de. This address will work until it is overly spammed again, and then I'll switch again more regularly. This is also a little experiment to see how long it takes from this address being publicated here until the spam comes in.

I also found the following services helpful to avoid spam or the need to hand out your mail addresses:

  • Spamgourmet - the best of them, unfortunately under DDoS by spammers since months, and now unusable.
  • Mailinator - random mail addresses without any accounts.
  • Spammotel - similar to Spamgourmet, but requires to log in and click somewhere before you get a new address... didn't really use it much.

I'll try to work without them for the time being, and hope that Spamgourmet gets onto its feet again.

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