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Well, what's time (and again) anyway? Time is relative, especially dinner time.

But closely related, what's space? Lots of things are going on there behind the scenes.

There's one book which explains the string theory approach to space and time: The Elegant Universe (Brian Greene). It's well worth the trouble, in my opinion. If you liked good old Einstein with his thoughts experiment, then Greene is more cutting edge (and includes the most important points about Einsteins relativity theories as well, for the same price).

I don't pretend to mathematically understand everything Greene writes, but I don't think that's necessary at all, as his book is intended for the general public, not for mathematicians. There are no formulas in there, but he does a good job explaining the concepts. A big point of his book is a meta-explanation of the state of the science that works on string theory - being that the mathematicians out there don't really understand the theory either, yet. But it's still very fascinating.

Go get it, and broaden your view of the universe. And then explain to your friends what a 11-dimensional Calabi-Yau space looks like. :)


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I don't recall if the quote came from Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" or "Black Holes and Baby Universes", but his publicist informed him that for each formula he included in his book, the lesser the financial success he would have (or something like that). Regardless, there are many people who are genuinely interested in keeping up with current scientific theories but don't have the mathematical background to fully comprehend it fully (myself included).

When I get some free time (ha!), I'll have to check out his book/theories.

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