Just a little test - does that images stuff of blogger.com work? :-) It's from a nice little outdoor park around here.

There you go! At least Leyna+Derko should be happy now!

Oh, and while I'm at it: I recently switched to Picasa2, give it a try if you have lots of photos, and if you like google software.


At 6:17 PM, Derko wrote...

Ok, I held off posting about the pic (nice one btw!) in hopes that this might be the start of you posting more entries. Boy am I wrong! ;) Glad you like Picasa2.

At 11:31 PM, Derko wrote...

Oh come now, nothing since Nov. 13th? Are you that busy??

At 5:06 PM, ekr wrote...

Not busy, but nothing worthy to post here came to my mind. :)

At 7:32 PM, Leyna wrote...

Nice shot Ekke! :) I will be overjoy but... (yes there's always a but) you have to take more pictures as well! :D

Update! Update! Update!

At 11:48 PM, ekr wrote...



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