A different kind of Chaos / Mailinator

This blog is more and more turning out to be my personal bookmark site...

A different kind of Chaos is a nice blog from the guy who made the Mailinator, a service that lets you use fake anti-spam mail addresses without signing up (and even without creating the address before you use it).

He has some relatively long - for a blog, anyway - articles about software development in a business context, and brings up interesting topics with a little bit of humour.

Edit: www.spamgourmet.com is similar in that it offers on-the-spot generation of accounts, but it also has a login, so you are sure to get the mails yourself; and it forwards incoming mail. Altogether a better solution for most things, then.

Socar Myles

Finally, something worthwhile to post again... found the artist Socar Myles by accident - she likes rats and zombies, so check her out.

Some videos...

The good, the (not so) bad, and the quite ugly... oh, and the downright absurd. Take your pick: 1 2 3 4


Recently started to do Sudokus while driving to work... see www.websudoku.com or any other site for more information.

Great fun!

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